The 4th Annual Radiation Safety Day Sweepstakes!

The 4th Annual EMF Radiation Safety Day was a HUGE success.

Tremendous thanks go to our sponsors who created the largest prize pool in our history.

The 5th Annual EMF Radiation Safety Day will be on September 22, 2024. So stay tuned!

Watch the Winners Announcement

All 33 winners of the $4,500+ in prizes were announced on September 21, live at the Healthier Tech Summit. Watch the recording.

Over $4,500 in Prizes!

To celebrate the 4th Annual EMF Radiation Safety Day on September 22nd, 33 lucky winners will receive laboratory-tested EMF, 5G and dirty electricity protection from SYB, Safe Living Technologies, Satic Shield & Juunaday.

Earn extra entries by helping us to encourage your friends and family to register for the upcoming FREE Healthier Tech Virtual Summit.

Winners will be announced live, during the live panel held at 1PM Pacific Time on September 21, during the FREE Healthier Tech Summit.

The FREE Healthier Tech Virtual Summit brings together a wide and unique variety of expert voices across EMF, Building Biology and Digital Wellness to help people on their journey to find a healthier balance with modern technology.

Across four information-packed days, we’re featuring over two dozen speakers – doctors, scientists, authors, experts and even politicians – to create a space where science meets inspiration.

This Year's Prizes!

33 Prizes Worth Over $4,500

Prize# of WinnersUnit ValueTotal Value
SLT Safe & Sound mmWaveThe first consumer grade 5G meter1$849$849
Satic Pure Power Plug-In (4-PK)Filter dirty electricity in your home1$829$829
SYB Laptop PadUse your laptop more safely5$99$495
SLT Safe & Sound Pro IIThe best consumer grade EMF meter available1$399$399
Satic Pure Power Plug-In (2-PK)Filter dirty electricity in your home1$399$399
The NCB from SYBUse your grounding products more safely1$299$299
SYB Air TubesUse your phone more safely with this anti-radiation headset5$48$240
SYB Pouch DeluxeCarry your phone – & wallet, ID, keys – more safely5$59$295
SYB HARDTurn any headset into an anti-radiation headset5$48$240
SLT Safe & Sound Micro 2.1A wrist-worn EMF alert system1$199$199
SYB Phone PouchCarry your phone more safely5$39$195
Juunaday Belly BandTo protect your baby in utero1$128$128
SYB Picture FrameGreat as a shield for your night stand or end table1$39$39

What is EMF Radiation Safety Day

While our exposure to EMF continues to grow, we are not helpless. There are ways to reduce your exposure to this type of radiation and live healthier.

So, I – along with some friends and colleagues – decided to create this day to help build awareness about EMF radiation and how you can live in the modern world more safely.

And we picked September 22nd – the birthday of British scientist Michael Faraday, the inventor of EMF radiation shielding.

The goals of this day are:

  1. To bring awareness to EMF radiation, which is a force that a growing number of people are concerned about, but often do not understand.
  2. To empower people to take control over their exposure to EMF radiation.


And best of all– you don’t have to buy anything or spend any money to celebrate this holiday!

V0026348 Michael Faraday. Photograph by Maull & Polyblank. Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Michael Faraday. Photograph by Maull & Polyblank. Published: - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

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